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January 15, 2015

San Diego Pharmacy

Running a San Diego Pharmacy in 2015, involves the science of preparing and dispensing medications, the provisioning  of drug and health information to the public, plus the art of dealing with our patients, all of whom have individual needs.

Trained to meet the medication needs of patients, pharmacists are true health professionals who work with the patients doctor to provide treatments which are effective. Typically pharmacists take a request for specific medicines from a prescribing health care provider in the form of a medical prescription and dispense the medication to the patient and counsel them on the proper use and adverse effects of that medication. In contemporary times, a special level of service is often required and expected.

Pharmacists are sometimes small-business owners themselves and own the pharmacy in which they practice. Their specialized knowledge as skilled professionals, plus years of practice makes them a vital part of any healthcare team. They act as a learned intermediary between patients and other healthcare providers to ensure that proper medical therapy is chosen and implemented in the best way possible.

With recent changes to the law, pharmacists have become increasingly important in the nation’s healthcare system. FDA regulations have tightened and competition between drug companies and their generic counterparts has heated up. Therefore, pharmacists help their patients navigate the tricky process of choosing the right medication to fill a prescription.

With managed care programs causing patients to see many doctors, a pharmacist is often the last line of defense against dangerous drug interactions. Many pharmacies add value for customers by offering free health screenings, insurance discounts, and other referral services.

Your local pharmacist is well educated and positioned to help

The pharmacists education is extensive and often requires a strong foundation in chemistry, anatomy, and physiology, as well as pharmacy law and drug interactions. Pharmacy students also learn basics of diagnosing illnesses, so they can collaborate with doctors more effectively.

Seniors tend to listen to and trust pharmacist’s recommendations more than other age group, according to the survey results. In terms of characteristics that are important when consumers decided to purchase a brand name prescription drug instead of a generic product, 53 percent said a pharmacist’s recommendation was the most important reason–and 66 percent of the 50+ age group agreed with that statement.

  • Popular Items Include:
  • San Diego home medical supplies
  • Ambulatory aids, including Rolling walkers
  • Medicine cabinet type supplies, bandages, etc.
  • Supplies geared to a specific, chronic disease

The 50+ group also relies strongly on the pharmacist’s recommendation in trying various types of alternative healthcare products, with 35 percent saying a pharmacist’s recommendation is “very important,” compared with 27 percent of the 18 to 49 age group. The 50+ consumer also responds strongly to a pharmacist’s recommendation on purchasing a brand name OTC product, with 57 percent saying the pharmacist’s recommendation was very important compared with 49 percent of the 18 to 49 age group.

Across all age groups, pharmacist availability/access ranks No. 1 in importance (93 percent) when selecting a pharmacy for medication purposes, followed closely by acceptance of health insurance. These were trailed substantially by factors such as price, hours of operation, wait time, location, drive-through pharmacy or an Internet site, which ranked as very important for only 5 percent of consumers.

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