February 19, 2015

Tennis Elbow Treatments

With nearly every move you make – you bend your elbow. If you have arthritis of the elbow – then you need support. Elbow supports can lessen pain, protect the joint, and stabilize the surrounding muscles which become aggravated by repetitive motion. Elbow braces are often made from breathable, lightweight fabric, and are easy to wear. Most braces fit right or left elbow. Our sports medicine products consist of knee, ankle, elbow, foot, neck, arm back; wrist braces and supports. We also carry cold therapy units!

Treat That old “Tennis Elbow”!

Tennis elbow treatment: We offer a gelband arm band which provides therapeutic support by conforming compression without restricting circulation. elbow arm bands are used to treat tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. They provide elbow pain relief from arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, strains and pains.

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Do not suffer in Silence…

There is no need to suffer from neck discomfort, back pain, knee pain, tennis elbow, sprains, foot pain due to sports or job related injuries. Our general support products consist of the following: Heavy-duty wrist supports, knee braces, wrist support, knee braces, Procare products, ankle support, knee braces, back support, Neoprene knee braces, lumbar support, ankle braces, elbow support and many others. Our elbow supports are used for a variety of conditions or injuries for elbow pain, swollen elbows or tender elbows resulting from sprains, strains, overuse or elbow injuries like tennis elbow and golfers elbow.


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