Our Products


Balboa Pharmacy carries a full, top end Medical Equipment line that we are proud to offer to our customers at discount pricing. We offer well-known brands such as Invacare, Drive, and others... We have a large selection of mobility aids including manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, electric mobility scooters, and many different types of walkers, including rollators. In addition to these products, we carry an array of assistive furniture such as lift chairs, electric adjustable beds, hospital beds, and bathroom safety equipment.

Wound Care

There are many types of wounds that can damage the skin including abrasions, lacerations, rupture injuries, and more, with corresponding bandages and dressings to use upon them. Find that perfect wound care item at Balboa Pharmacy. Come in or call to check availability.


Braces are supports that you wear for a painful or injured wrist or knee. Some people also use them to prevent knee injuries during sports. Knee braces can be an aid for prevention and/or rehabilitation of knee injuries and chronic knee problems. Great for athletes of all sports…

Skin Care

Protect and indulge your skin with moisturizers and nourishing cleansers. Any products which are physician dispensed should be used only under the guidance of your specialist/physician.


Vascular supplies may be needed to address vascular disease, or chronic conditions. Balboa Pharmacy offers catheter products support hose, as well as other vascular needs to our customers.


Urological supplies including catheter and storage supplies. ... Balboa Pharmacy carries many different brands and offers a variety of latex-free urological accessories, including bags trays and more.


More and more people are riding scooters - for a variety of reasons. You may be eligible for a government subsidy which can help pay for an electric mobility scooter. Call or drop in to Balboa Pharmacy, today, for more details.

Respiratory Care

Balboa Pharmacy caring staff of professionals helps you to understand your options. Balboa Pharmacy provides a variety of home medical equipment products, focusing on respiratory products such as oxygen, CPAP/BiPAP machines/supplies, nebulizers and nebulizer medications These products are available for those patients who need to breathe easier at night or under certain conditions.